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Maps for the region Oroville WADNR 1:100K Quad Map

BLM Maps

Map: Oroville - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
East of Oroville and Tonasket are several sections of Okanogan National Forest with camping, hiking, boating, and fishing opportunities. West of Oroville and Tonasket are BLM lands, Loomis State Forest, and Okanogan National Forest with camping, hiking, and fishing opportunities. Official BLM map shows color-coded federal, state, and private lands, topographic detail, roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, place names, county boundaries, township and range lines. Use this map for hunting in Units 204, 209, 215, 224, and 233. Scale is 1:100,000, roughly 3/4 inch to 1 mile. Currently only the version with mineral management and surface management is available. 2008


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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Beaver Lake Campground, Beth Lake Campground, Chesaw Wildlife Area, Chopaka Lake Campground, Cottonwood Campground - Okanogan NF, Crawfish Lake Campground, Flat Campground, Highlands SnoPark, Kerr Campground, Long Swamp Campground, Loomis State Forest, Lyman Lake Campground, Salmon Meadows Campground, Sinlahekin & Driscoll Island Wildlife Areas, Spectacle Lake, Split Rock & Palmer Mountain Recreation Area, Sugarloaf Campground, Tunk Wildlife Area

Forest Service Maps

Map: Okanogan National Forest
Agency: Forest Service
From Okanogan or Omak travel west to explore the southern half of the Okanogan NF, Methow Valley, and west to North Cascades National Park. From Twisp scenic drive the North Cascades Scenic Hwy to Ross Lake with camping and hiking opportunities along the way. From Winthrop travel north to access the Pasayten Wilderness trails, and forest campgrounds, or head northwest up to Harts Pass for more camping and hiking at high elevation. Visit Loomis State Forest west of Tonasket for camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing. East of Oroville explore several separate smaller sections of the forest. Special use areas include the Pasatayen Wilderness, the Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness, Loomis State Forest, part of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and North Cascades National Park, and insets for the Washington Pass area, the Twisp River area, the Harts Pass area, the Concully area and the Five Lakes area. Map shows color-coded federal, state, and private lands, recreation information, roads, water features, recreation sites, corrals, other forest service facilities, place names, points of interest, and township and range lines. Forest roads, trails, and campgrounds are clearly marked. Scale is 1/2" = 1 mile. Use map for WA Hunting Units 203, 204, 215, 216, 223, 224, 231, 239, 242, 243, 244, and 426. Paper. 1999.


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Other Maps

Washington Road & Recreation Atlas
Agency: Other
This Benchmark atlas offers a readily understood and clear picture of the road network in the state. Its regional scale (three miles to an inch or 1:200,000) shows clear detail along major roads and backcountry roads alike. The atlas features 80 pages of digitally-produced landscape maps and a separate 22-page recreation guide with a full complement of recreation categories such as state parks, museums, attractions, and campgrounds. The recreation guide has its own set of new maps with complete public land information. A Seattle Metropolitan recreation guide with enlarged map and expanded recreation categories is also included. Whether starting in Seattle, Spokane, or Walla Walla this is a helpful reference to have when planning day trips, family excursions, or travel trips throughout the state. © 2013

Item No. 0929591534

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Washington Atlas & Gazetteer
Agency: Other
A great reference to have when planning day trips, backcountry excursions, or travel trips through the state. Whether starting in Seattle, Spokane, or Walla Walla this atlas gives suggestions and lists for family outings, unique natural features, recreation areas, fishing sites, and active outdoor adventures. Contains detailed topographic maps, plus gazetteer descriptive information on public lands recreation and attractions. Includes some hunting information. Scale equals 1:150,000 or 1"=2.4 miles. Contour Interval is 100 meters (approximately 328 feet). Each page covers 24 miles x 34.5 miles, and includes GPS Grids & tick marks, place names, range and township grids and shaded relief. 98 pages of maps. © 2013

Item No. 089933329X

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