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Maps for the region Ruby Lake 1:100K BLM Quad

BLM Maps

Map: Ruby Lake NV - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
BLM Management Status maps color code who owns what in the given quadrant; private, tribal, or public. Roads, waterways, recreation sites, and other manmade and natural features are clearly marked. Explore the Ruby Mountains and Wilderness in Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. Visit and camp at the adjacent Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Explore the surrounding BLM lands. The California National Historic Trail/Pony Express National Historic Trail is marked Use this map for OHV use, and hunting in Units 65, 102, 103, 104, 108, and 144. 2011

Item No. 100RUBYLAKE

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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Franklin Lake Wildlife Management Area, Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, South Ruby Campground, Zunino/Jiggs Reservoir

Forest Service Maps

Map: Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest Ruby Mountains Ranger District Waterproof
Agency: Forest Service
This map includes East Humboldt Wilderness, and Ruby Mountains Wilderness, with surrounding forest lands and BLM lands, all southwest of Wells. Camping, fishing, and hiking at Angel Lake. Scenic driving in Lamoille Canyon with camping, picnicking, and hiking available. National Forest maps include topographic information, hiking trails, forest service roads, OHV/4WD roads, campgrounds, regulations, and contact information if you need permits or additional information before you trek into the wilderness. Great map to use when visiting in Elko or Wells, or day trip driving by the local residents. Map is useful for NV Hunting Units 65, 73, 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. 2005

Item No. 1593513143

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Other Maps

Nevada Atlas & Gazetteer
Agency: Other
The most complete map of Nevada to date. Includes selected street maps and heaps of information about travel in the Silver State. Atlas includes information on historic sites, family outings, state parks, national lands, some campgrounds, fishing sites, attractions, public lands, and even the casinos. This is a great atlas to have for scenic driving around the state, or for residents or visitors doing day trips. Map is useful for hunters or OHV enthusiasts. One inch equals 4 miles with GPS detail. 2015

Item No. 0899332285

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