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Maps for the region White Cloud Peaks 1:100K BLM Quad

BLM Maps

Map: White Cloud Peaks ID - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
Map covers part of Challis National Forest, part of Sawtooth National Recreation Area, a long section of the Salmon River and Salmon River Scenic Byway, and a large tract of BLM land, all east of Stanley. Scenic driving on Salmon River Scenic Byway from Stanley east and north to the Land of Yankee Fork Interpretive Visitor Center on Hwy 93. Explore the BLM lands surrounding the East Fork Salmon River. Camp, hike, and fish in the Challis NF. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show Surface Management/ownership. Map shows roads, forest roads, BLM roads, waterways, recreation sites, trails, and points of interest. Map is useful for OHV use, and ID Hunting Units 36, 36A, 36B, and 37. Updated 2016.

Item No. 0607931566

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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Bayhorse Campground, Big Bayhorse Lake Campground, Blind Creek Campground, Bonanza CCC Reservation Campground, Boulder White Clouds Trailhead Campground, Chinook Bay Campground, Custer #1 Campground, Deadman Hole Campground, East Fork Campground, Eightmile Campground, Elk Creek Campground - Sawtooth NRA, Flat Rock Campground - Salmon-Challis, Holman Creek Campground, Iron Creek Campground- Sawtooth NF, Jim McClure Jerry Peak Wilderness, Jimmy Smith Lake Trailhead, Lake View Campground- Sawtooth NRA, Lower O'Brien Campground, Mill Creek Campground - Yankee Fork, Mormon Bend Campground, Mosquito Flat Reservoir Picnic Area & Campground, Mount Heyburn Campground, Mountain View Campground - Sawtooth, Point Campground, Pole Flat Campground, Redfish Outlet Campground, Riverside Campground - Sawtooth, Salmon River Campground, Smokey Bear Campground, Sockeye Campground, Stanley Lake Campground, Stanley Lake Inlet Campground, Sunny Gulch Campground, Thatcher Creek Campground, Upper O'Brien Campground, White Clouds Wilderness

Map: Salmon Recreation Area ID South
Agency: BLM
Map covers parts of the the Lemhi, Challis, and Big Butte Resource Areas, including the Lemhi Range and the Lost River Range. From Challis scenic drive the Salmon River Scenic Byway south along the river, or drive Hwy 93 exploring the BLM lands south of Challis. Numerous BLM roads are marked on the map. Map designates BLM recreation areas, roads, and waterways as well as nearby points of interest. For history buffs travel the Nez Perce National Historic Trail on Hwy 28. Details include land ownership info, trails and backroads, boat put-ins and other developed recreation sites. 1:100,000 scale, or 3/4"=1 mile.


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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Big Creek Campground- Salmon Challis NF, Birch Creek Campground

Forest Service Maps

Map: Sawtooth National Forest ID Ketchum & Fairfield RD (North)
Agency: Forest Service
Covers the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Sawtooth Wilderness, and Fairfield and Ketchum Ranger Districts. Opportunities for camping, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and scenic driving the forest roads are easily accessed from Stanley or Sun Valley/Ketchum. A great map to have when taking a day trip or a long camping vacation in the Sawtooth NF. Official map is scaled at 1/2"=1 mile showing all lands, roads, waterways, trails, campgrounds, other recreation sites, and points of interest within the forest(no topographic data). The map includes information about motorized off-road travel (ATVs, motorcycles, etc). Map is useful for OHV use, and ID Hunting Units 35, 36, 36A, 39, 43, 44, 48, and 49. Printed on synthetic, tear-proof, waterproof paper. 2012

Item No. 0607969644

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Map: Frank Church River No Return Wilderness Area Map ID South Half
Agency: Forest Service
Detailed map for southern portion of the expansive Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The map details waterways, springs, trails, administrative boundaries and topographic contours. Scaled at 1:100,000. Map includes sections in the Boise, Challis, Salmon, Bitterroot, Payette and Nez Perce National Forests. Map covers wilderness land from the South Fork of Salmon River at Yellow Pine south to Boise County line. Map is useful for ID Hunting Units 20, 20A, 26, 27, 28, 34, and 36. Synthetic. 2005.


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Other Maps

Idaho Atlas and Gazetteer
Agency: Other
This atlas gets better each time! This edition features computer-generated relief shading, and updated lists of contact information, and area listings for hunting, hiking, skiing, biking and fishing throughout the state. Roads are shown in detail, as are some hiking trails. Great to have when traveling through, or vacationing in Idaho. For residents and visitors the atlas gives suggestions for places to visit, and information about the state parks, national forests, museums, and historical sites, plus much more. Map page of Boise with streets marked included. Scale is 1:250,000 or 1 inch = 4 miles. 2010


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