Find the maps you need to enjoy your Western public lands!!!

BLM Map Features

  • scale approximately 3/4"= 1 mile (1:100,000 metric scale)
  • surface management (land ownership) shown in color
  • topographic info (contour interval 50 meters or about 150 feet)
  • spot elevations
  • township and range
  • water features
  • highways, roads, and trails
  • township and range
  • BLM maps cover entire state; each map area covers about 30 x 50 miles (30X60 minutes)
  • metric conversion tables
  • mineral management version available for some maps

Wilderness/Specialty Map Features
Special wilderness maps are also available from our map center. These maps include topographic detail, and have a scale of at least 1"=1 mile. Many wilderness maps are printed on waterproof, tearproof synthetic paper. Click on the area you wish to visit in our statewide search maps to get a listing of all available maps for the area.

BLM and Forest Service Overview Map. BLM and Forest Service map coverage charts will be available only for western states. has public land maps available for the entire country.

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